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Video Monitoring

Video monitoring represents monitoring the video surveillance system of the secured facility by our Operating center.

Video monitoring placed on safe location (our Operating center) is connected with the secured facility via internet, which means that in case of any alarm situation our well trained operater, thanks to video surveillance, receives direct insight about happenings in the secured facility.

In case of the incident of any kind in the secured facility, our operater simultaneously receives informations and depending on the type of alert immediately reacts by sending studio77’s Intervention team, closest police unit, fire brigade or ambulance on duty.

  • Key benefits that video monitoring provides are: higher security level (the facility is monitored from a distant location), full transparency of the entire facility at any time, inability to sabotaging the monitoring center and significant reduce the costs (reduced need for doormen, reduced number of people in physical security, etc.).

Beside the primary security function, video monitoring has highly important analitical roll and can be used as a tool for business processes management.

For example, the owners of retail stores can collect priceless information for their product planning and procurement, for checking the success of marketing plans, checking the work discipline of their employees, etc.