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Fire protection Systems

In accordance with Fire protection law every facility must have fire protection system.

That is why systems for the detection and fire extinction represent one of the most common security system in commercial and residential buildings.

Depending on Your needs and the type of the facility, studio77 can provide solutions in the form of conventional and adressable systems by leading manufacturers: Paradoy Hellas, Kentec, Kidde, NSC, Hochiki, Labor Strauss, Global Fire Equipment and others.

  • studio77 recommends adressable fire protection systems as the latest and the safest fire protection. In the system of this kind, every detector has its individual address and in case of fire gives the excact information about which detector has been activated.

In order to help You choose the best fire protection solution for Your needs, studio77’s specialists come to the desired location and perform a security assesssment free of charge.