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Alarm monitoring

Alarm monitoring represents remote surveillance and monitoring the status of the secured facility.

Alarm system built in the Users facility connects with our companies Operating center through telephone connection or GPRS, which provides permanent communication between the secured facility and our Operating center.

Built-in alarm system through its switchboard and various detectors alerts Operating center and its specialized software about all the situations and changes in the secured facility (it sends over 250 different informations about current status, tehnical accuracy, arming and disarming the facility, unwanted developments, etc.).

  • Almost simultaneous reception of information about unwanted events of any kind in the secured facility (burglary, fire alarm, panic alarm, power outage, disconnection, video surveillance picture loss, etc.) provides the appropriate reaction in timely manner at any time of the day or night.

studio77’s Operating center is on duty for 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

Operating center is represented by the Team of high qualified and trained experts that provide technical support for Users at any time, and in case of unwanted event and deppending on the type of alert simultaneously reacts by sending studio77’s Intervention team, closest police unit, fire brigade or ambulance on duty.