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Alarm monitoring
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For a more secure future Studio77 Security Services

We see at night as if it were day, We take care of you!

GPS vehicle tracking Studio77 Security Services

studio77 provides to Users satellite locating and tracking of vehicles through advanced technology of GPS systems – 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

Fire protection Systems Studio77 Security Services

Fire detection, alarm and fire extinguishing systems

Guaranteed safety

Concepts and solutions brought from the U.S., a quality selection of personnel, as well as their constant training, create a solid foundation for achieving high quality services.

14 years of experience

In addition to the permanent training of staff and monitoring global trends in the field of technical security, we are proud to be one of the very few companies in Serbia that can boast of successful performance and presence in the international market.

Safety Consulting

At Your request, we arrive to the desired location, estimate the real needs for Your facility and find the optimal security solutions – free of charge.

Best in region

Services we provide

Alarm monitoring

Alarm monitoring represents remote surveillance and monitoring the status of the secured facility.

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Video Monitoring

Video monitoring represents monitoring the video surveillance system of the secured facility by our Operating center.

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tehnical protection system

It does not matter that you are at work or at home, and your property is secure.

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Mobile security

Mobile security represents the type of physical security that conduct studio77’s motorized patrols.

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Fire protection Systems

In accordance with Fire protection law every facility must have fire protection system.

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GPS Vehicle Tracking

studio77 provides to Users satellite locating and tracking of vehicles through advanced technology of GPS systems – 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

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Physical security service

Physical security service represents static security for facilities – protection of people and property.

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The first and most important step in the activities of physical and technical security is the initial quality setting of the security project.

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About us

Studio77 Security

We achieve the high quality of services for our client by specializing various needs. The training of the staff and the organization of the company is based on three main concepts:

  • HOME SECURITY ( providing security solutions to homes)
  • SMALL BUSINESS & RETAIL ( providing security solutions to retail stores, restaurants, craft workshops and facilities for various service industries)
  • LARGE BUSINESS & INDUSTRIAL ( providing security solutions to large businesses)
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In addition to their primary duty to protect property and people, Studio77`s officers are always available and willing to help the Users of our services in any emergency situation.

Studio77 Security Services


21st Oct,2019 Alarm monitoring

Free alarm systems

studio77 SECURITY SERVICES LTD is a company founded in 2005 and which successfully provides physical and technical security on the entire territory of the Republic of Serbia ever since.

21st Oct,2019 Video monitoring

Video monitoring- best buy

Video monitoring - best buy